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2019 Event Attendees and Guests
Jacqueline Royal, Class of 1962
John Whitaker, Class of 1961
Bonnie Whitaker, Reunion Guest
Rev. Charles C. Whitaker, Class of 1953
Laura Arrington, Class of 1972
Johnny R. Silver, Class of 1970
Willema Lowe Hardy, Class of 1959
James E. Pitchford, Class of 1957
Clementine M. Joyner, Class of 1961
Edwina S. Lynch, Class of 1958
Carol Lowe Pickett, Class of 1961
Gloria J. Jones, Class of 1962
Rita Lowe Reese, Class of 1971
Claudean Cooper, Class of 1969
Donald Calvin Lee, Class of 1969
Dale Lowe Richardson, Class of 1975
Doris Arrington, Class of 1960
William A. Arrington, Class of 1956
Carolyn Manley Wiggins, Class of 1967
Timothy Silver, Class of 1970
Thomas Joyner, Class of 1961
Myrtle Alston Summers, Class of 1972
Harriet Hewlin Rosser, Class of 1970
James L. Lee, Class of 1981
Ruby Tucker, Class of 1969
Sadie Hedgepeth Tucker, Class of 1968
Lorraine Staton, Class of 1970
Willie Evans, Class of 1970
Gloria Arrington, Class of 1970
Dorothy M. Lee, Class of 1969
Coy Pitts, Class of 1973
Barbara Wright, Class of 1973
Brenda J. Silver, Class of 1973
Lucy Whitaker Chivis, Class of 1951
Samuel L. Chivis, Reunion Guest
James H. Whitaker, Class of 1967
Alfreda Harvey Whitaker, Class of 1970
Willie Hardy, Class of 1959
Shirley Hedgepeth, Class of 1955
William Hedgepeth, Class of 1956
Gwendolyn Lee, Class of 1970
Rosalind Cooper Grays, Class of 1976
Hosea Cotton, Reunion Guest
Vertie Cotton, Class of 195?
Helen Rudd Whitaker, Class of 195?
Charles Joyner, Class of 1959
Gloria Joyner, Class of 1959
Audrette Joyner, Reunion Guest
Charles Joyner Jr., Reunion Guest
Darlene Myrick, Class of 19??
Darlene Cyrus, Class of 1970
Felton Whitaker, Class of 19??
Marcella Durham, Class of 1971
A. Mahlon Neville, Class of 1968
Vera Ann Neville, Reunion Guest
Marie Whitaker, Reunion Guest
Lawrence Solomon, Class of 1969

2019 Event Guest Speakers
Mr. Vernon J. Bryant
Chairman, Halifax County Board of Commissioners

Dr. Eric J. Cunningham
Halifax County Superintendent of Schools

Mr. J.J. Ray
Former Eastman High School Principal

Rev. Andrew West, Class of 1975
Mrs. Margaret West, Reunion Guest

Rev. Freda Wilkins, Class of 19??